Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Change your friend's FB Status

Many people are fond of hacking Facebook accounts. I see many friends who get afraid when their Facebook account has been stolen or compromised. You too can threaten them by changing their Facebook status with a small tricks I’ve found.

It’s wonder that you can edit someone’s status, Right? Let us have a view on requirements to change friend’s status message. To perform this trick you need,
  1. Mozilla Firefox 5.0 or later
  2. Firefox Plugin: Firebug (Download here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firebug/)
When you are ready with these two materials, you are ready to start your trick. I admit that this trick is just to play pranks on friends and not a real hacking method. Facebook accounts cannot be hacked legally due to top level security.

You can prank your friends by another method too. You will be operating a future machine. But your friend thinks that its a real future machine. The Suspense is, you will be operating the Future Machine.

I hope that you have Mozilla Firefox 5.0 or later and a Firebug Plugin. After installing Firebug, make sure that you have restarted your Firefox browser.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Go to your Friend’s Wall/Timeline.

Choose any one of the status you want to edit. Keep mouse pointer exactly at the text of the status and select Inspect element.

You will be seeing a window which opens at the bottom of the browser. Now just search your friend’s status that you want to edit. For example see the below picture.

After searching, select the text in the coding area. Type your new text or move arrows to edit the same status.

You can find that your friend’s status has been modified with your text.

After refreshing the page, you will be finding that his/her status modified to original. So do the following to make your friend to believe that you have hacked his/her Facebook account.

Close the Firebug Window and make a screenshot. Upload to your Facebook Albums. Show your Friends that you hacked your friend’s account.

You can follow this method to edit your friend’s comment too. Wish you Happy Prank Journey!

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