Friday, 8 June 2012

Increase the Speed of Processor

Again...I am showing you that you can increase the processor speed if it takes a long to process files. A simple option in Windows is Paging Size option. In this, we can increase the amount of Virtual space of our hard drives so that the cache memory increases and processor takes less time to process...

Lets Start:-

>>Right Click on My Computer and click on Properties

>>Goto Advanced Tab

>>Click on Settings and then Advanced

>>In virtual memory option click on 'change' button

>>Click on Custom Size and then enter the amount of space to be leave
(Check the space available in C Drive, If there is 2000 MB, then enter 1500 as value)
 Enter the maximum value

>>Click on Set  and then OK

>>Restart your computer and you will see that the processor speed is increased. Open Directories and they will be open in less time.

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