Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Spread Virus in Utorrent

Hey Friends... If you want to prevent use of utorrent from somebody but you want to use it by yours...then there is a trick to do this. Just follow me!!

>> Open notepad and type the following:-


>> Save the file as manish.bat

>> Open Utorrent
>> Goto Options > Prefrences
>> On the right pane, click 'Advanced' and click on 'Run Program'
>>Under the heading "Run this program when torrent changes states" give the path of manish.bat file.
>>Click OK.

It's done..
When you add a torrent file to Utorrent, the manish.bat file will be run and your system will take more processing , that needs to restart.
If you want to use utorrent, then remove the manish.bat file from there.

Note:- Remove the torrent from Startup , otherwise when you restart the PC, the manish.bat will run again.

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