Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Windows 8 Store vs Apple Store

Windows 8 Store :-
When Windows 8 ships this fall, it will represent both the next iteration of Windows on the desktop and Microsoft's answer to Apple's dominance of the tablet market. As the Metro interface replaces much of what we're used to in Windows, the Windows Store will be the place where users go to install Metro apps both on the desktop and tablet. Basically, it's important for Microsoft to get it right.
We can already access the store in both the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 that came out several months ago and the more advanced Release Preview that came out yesterday. There aren't many apps in it just yet, and there's little sense in harping on that point as the number and quality will surely increase dramatically when Windows 8 hits final form.
But the interface in which users discover and search for apps is far enough along to compare to the store's big rivals: the Mac App Store and the iOS App Store. While using the Windows Store is easy enough, its current state doesn't match the usability and discoverability of Apple's App Stores.
The Windows Store's front page is pretty spartan, showing a few featured apps and categories like "new releases" and "top free" apps:

Apple's Store
The Mac App Store crams a lot more information and options into its front page, including links to category listings and a user's account information, as you can see:

The iPad App Store is a bit less busy, but still provides more options on its front page than Microsoft's store for both tablets and PCs. Both the Mac and iPad App Stores feature a visible search box on their front pages, and a link to your installed and purchased applications. These tools are also present in the Microsoft store, but only after performing the right gestures or clicks.

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